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The hood of a hail-damaged car needing dent removal in Austin

Is Buying a Hail Damaged Car in Austin a Good Idea?

Hail-damaged vehicles are often available at affordable prices, and to the untrained eye a hail-damaged car may seem to be a cheap and attractive deal. In some cases, you may be able to get a great car at a big discount—but it’s important to be aware that there are hidden costs when buying damaged cars, whether hail-damaged or otherwise. It’s important to consider the potential costs of buying a hail-damaged car, or you might wind up paying a lot more later.

Candidates for Buying a Hail-Damaged Car

If you’re a first-time car buyer or you’re buying your first car for your son or daughter, you might find a hail-damaged quality-brand car at a good price. if you’re just looking for a car that can get you from A to B, hail dents may not be a big deal. This is especially true if you rarely need to drive anywhere.

If you need a car but have a small budget to work with, buying a hail-damaged car might be the way to go. Alternatively, if you aren’t particular about the appearance of your car you could be a good candidate for buying a hail-damaged car.

In any of the above cases, it’s important to figure out the extent of a potential car’s damage. If you aren’t concerned about the appearance of the car, as long as no damage has been done to the car’s essential systems it may be a good option. If you do care about the car’s appearance, or if there is damage that would need to be repaired to make the car safe and legal to drive, it’s important to get at least a rough, fairly accurate quote on what any repairs might cost. If the cost of repairs is prohibitive or would set you back more than the car would be worth undamaged, it’s best to keep looking.

Types of Hail-Damage

The extent of damage cars can receive from hailstorms can vary significantly. Minor damage is fairly quick and easy to repair, while severe damage can require costly repairs and replacements. Hail-damaged cars with dents leaving the paint intact can often be repaired by paintless dent repair specialists who are experts at removing dings without damaging paint.

Hail-damaged cars with dents and scratched paint can be cosmetically improved by repairing dents and applying a new coat of paint. Cars with severe hail-damage may not have scratched paint but can have damage to the mechanical systems of the car. This type of damage will need extensive repairs.

Severe hail may cause dents, scratched paint, and mechanical system damage. This level of damage will likely require expensive and extensive car repairs, and often the exterior panels of the car will require replacement.


Before buying a hail-damaged car it’s important to make informed choices based on careful considerations. This will help get a good deal while avoiding costly mistakes. Before buying a hail-damaged car, check if the damage impacts the resale value of the car.

Check the price of the car before the damage and try and get a quote to see how much it would cost to have the car repaired. Some sellers may let you take the car to your mechanic to get a quote, or you may be able to have a mechanic or paintless dent repair specialist come out and give a quick estimate for dent removal in Austin. Once you know these numbers, you’ll know whether you’re getting a good deal or whether you’ll be losing money. If you can find a hail-damaged car that can be purchased at a low cost and can be repaired cheaply, you may have found a great option.

Buying a hail-damaged car is a worthwhile exercise if the damage is minimal and the cost of repairing the damage is low. If the damaged car does not require extensive electrical and mechanical repairs and the interior and exterior of the car are in good condition, it can be a great purchase.

Paintless Dent Repair for Hail in Austin TX

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hail damaged car, or you have a car with hail damage you’d like fixed in the Austin area, contact Dingz Happen today. Not only can we have your car looking like new in no time, but we also provide paintless dent removal in Austin that is cheaper and faster than traditional body shop repairs.