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Bastrop  Hail Damage Repair

A Volkswagen Beetle parked on the side of the street.

Residents in Bastrop are familiar with the random strong hail storm. A major storm can be disastrous for vehicles in the Bastrop area, and powerful hailstorms can bring about major damages that need significant reconstruction work to repair.

Hailstorm damage repair is one of the more common reasons for paintless dent repair in Bastrop, TX. This approach for removing small dents from the body of a car works very well as long as the paint stays undamaged. It can be utilized for either steel panels or aluminum. Once fixed, a panel will retain its original strength and your car maintains its value.

The technicians at our body shop take care of automotive hail damage repair work utilizing our honed paintless dent removal techniques to adjust the impacted metal to the appropriate height in order to restore the exterior. This method is continually being updated and improved, and has shown to be as effective and cheaper as more traditional dent repair options.

The Benefits of PDR

Paintless dent repair doesn’t require body fillers, sanding, or paint so it gets rid of the stress of attempting to match paint colors with precision.

Depending on the size, number of dents that require fixing, and extent of damage, paintless dent repair can usually be performed in hours as instead of the days that might be required for traditional dent repair techniques. Because paintless dent repair takes less time, labor expenses are considerably lower without sacrificing quality. When you add up the savings on primer, body filler, and expensive coats of auto paint, it’s easy to see that paintless dent repair can save you money when it comes to restoring your hail damaged vehicle.

Throughout the PDR process, the air is not polluted by noxious substances and there’s no risk of groundwater contamination, so this auto hail damage repair procedure has no harmful effect on the environment.

Paintless dent repair is a fast, economical way of removing dents so the damage is undetectable, and our professionals have been focusing on PDR methods for years with outstanding results.

Bastrop Hail Damage Repair Tools

At our auto body shop we use state of the art tools like Florescent lighting and the Hotbox to identify, lessen, and eliminate dents. Each of our professionals has been trained to make use of heat, light, and specialized skill to return your car to its factory appearance.

No matter if you need hail repair to repair your car’s roof damage, trunk, hood, or side panels, we have the tools and techniques needed to fix your hail damage and have your car looking brand-new after a hailstorm.

Our Technique

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is our technique to perform vehicle hail storm damage repair utilizing cutting-edge equipment and techniques that have been perfected over a decade, that doesn’t need fillers or paint. Any time a panel is painted, or fillers are used, the vehicle will never be the same as it was when it left the factory. This is the best technique for vehicle roof repair and damage restoration for vehicles that have suffered damages as a result of hail.

We’re Here for All Your Dents & Dingz

When it comes to Bastrop hail damage repair, Dingz Happen can’t be beaten. While our experts concentrate on automotive hail damage repair, our paintless dent removal process can help fix just about any kind of door ding or dent caused by nature or the carelessness of others (dinging your vehicle with their door, loose shopping carts, etc.).

If you’re or near the Bastrop, Texas area and have a hail-damaged vehicle, whether it’s just a few dents or major damages, call us today to request a quote and discuss restoration choices so you can have your car looking good as new again. We’re the leading expert PDR specialists with the experience you can trust to do the work right promptly and cost effectively–without sacrificing quality.

We provide an assistance program that works like this: if you have two or more hail-damaged vehicles to restore, you’re a candidate for a multi-car discount, and/or deductible assistance. Just let us know what insurer you use and what your deductible is, and we’ll be happy to discuss choices and provide an estimate.

For Businesses:

If you run a wholesale vehicle lot, a rental car agency, an auto body repair shop, or any type of business that employs a fleet, and need auto hail damage repair for several vehicles after a severe storm, please contact us to set up a meeting to review your situation so we can get your cars fixed as quickly as possible at the best price for hail repair solutions.