1. heavily hail damaged suv

    How Much Does Hail Damage Affect Your Car’s Value?

    Hail storms are an unfortunate part of summer in most areas. If you live in a hail-prone area, chances are your car has been damaged by these unpredictable weather events. Hail can cause everything from broken windshields to dents and scratches on paint jobs. But how much does this affect your car’s value? It depends…

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  2. Car hail damage

    Car Hail Damage: An Overview

     During a bad storm, hail can impact damage on a vehicle that is exposed to the elements. For example, you may suffer hail damage if a hailstorm occurs when your car is parked outside unsheltered. Hail dents can significantly decrease your car’s resale value, and larger dents and scratches can be unappealing, especially to a…

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  3. Esteban Tapping Rail

    Lonestar PDR is now Dingz Happen

    Seasons change, and so do businesses. The time had come for our paintless dent repair business in Austin—formerly Lonestar PDR—to evolve into something better. We’re in the process of completing just such a transition. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the premier paintless dent repair shop in Austin and Midland: Dingz Happen. Why “Dingz…

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