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  1. dent repair tool on the top of a vehicle

    Five Common Misconceptions About Dent Repair 

    Dent repair, particularly the innovative Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technique, is a realm often shrouded in myths and misconceptions. These myths create an aura of uncertainty around the efficacy and practicality of PDR, leading many vehicle owners to question its effectiveness for restoring their vehicles to their original pristine condition. The PDR approach, celebrated for…

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  2. An image of a person trying to fix his car painting damage

    Common Car Paint Damage Woes and Your Solution

    Car owners can all relate to the sinking feeling that comes with discovering those inevitable small dings and scratches on their beloved vehicles. Whether from reckless drivers in parking lots or unforeseen encounters with flying debris, common car paint damage is an unfortunate reality of owning a vehicle. However, there is hope! We delve beyond…

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  3. PDR being done to a car

    Traditional Repairs vs. Paintless Dent Repair for Hail Damage 

    Every car owner’s nightmare – a sudden hailstorm leaving their once pristine vehicle peppered with dents and dings. Hail damage can be a frustrating and costly problem, but fortunately, there are solutions.   The real challenge lies in choosing the right repair method. We’ll explore two primary options for addressing hail damage: traditional repairs and Paintless…

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  4. A PDR technician removing hail dents from the hood of a car.

    Reversing Hail Dents: The Power of Paintless Dent Removal

    Weathering a severe hailstorm can often be perilous. Unfortunately, your vehicle, left exposed to nature’s very own pellet rain, ends up with unappealing dents and dings. The realm of automobile repair holds a powerful solution – Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). At Dingz Happen, we harness the brilliance of PDR to reverse the ravages of a…

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  5. Hand pointing at a dent on the rear end of a silver car

    What Types of Dents Can Paintless Dent Repair Can Fix?

    Dents can happen for a multitude of reasons, but paintless dent repair is the solution for most of them! Paintless dent repair is not only affordable and very efficient but also has multiple benefits. Painless dent repair is somewhat of an oxymoron—after all, how can you repair a dent without any paint? No need to…

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  6. Car Scratched Against Pole - Repair with Paintless Dent Repair in Round Rock

    Can PDR Fix Any Type of Scratch?

    The short answer to whether Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can fix any scratch is that it depends. While PDR is an effective and efficient way to repair minor dents and dings in a car’s exterior, it is not necessarily the best choice for deep scratches or gouges. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) uses specially designed tools…

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  7. driver looking at her car after a minor auto accident needing Cedar Park paintless dent repair

    Mistakes To Avoid When Your Car Needs Dent Repair

    It’s happened to the best of us: you’re driving along, minding your own business, when out of nowhere a car crashes into you and leaves your vehicle with a fresh set of dents. If you’re lucky, they only hit one panel or just managed to break the bumper. But if not, then you’re going to…

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  8. A PDR hail technician using a green cloth while performing meticulous car dent repair in Austin.

    PDR is the Greenest Body Repair—Here’s Why

    Car repair is no easy feat, especially nowadays when cars and trucks are full of complex electronics. With the increase in electric and hybrid vehicles, PDR is quickly becoming the preferred repair method for body shops because it does not use harsh chemicals that could potentially damage a car’s electrical system. Paintless dent repair (PDR)…

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  9. Vintage vehicle and airplane - reflecting the origins of hail dent repair in Georgetown TX

    How Paintless Dent Repair Came to Be

    Paintless dent removal Paintless dent removal (or PDR) is a method of removing minor dents in a car. Depending on what kind of damage you may have, paintless dent removal may be the ideal choice for you. is a technique that was pioneered by Frank T. Sargent in 1931. In his groundbreaking work ‘The Key…

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  10. Skilled Car Hail Damage Repair in Leander Technician Working to Hammer Out some Dents

    Paintless Dent Repair in Cedar Park is More Important Than You Think

    Paintless dent repair is a form of automotive bodywork that uses tools and equipment to remove dents from cars without causing any damage to the car’s paint. It is a win-win scenario for you because it saves money and ensures your paint stays intact all while the dents and dings on your vehicle are removed….

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