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Steps to Take if Your Car is Damaged During a Hailstorm in Austin

Hail is solid precipitation that looks like balls or pellets that falls from the sky. If the hail stones are large enough, a storm can destroy homes, aircraft, cars and even kill people and livestock. Sometimes, hailstorms come abruptly and can ruin your property, making you spend a considerable amount of money repairing the damage. These hailstorms are prevalent in Texas, and they can happen at any given time in a year. Therefore, car owners and motorists should have a plan ready to go to get them back on the road as soon as possible if their vehicles are damaged by hail.

Below, we’ll go over some recommended steps to take in case your car is damaged by hail as well as some preventative measures you can take to minimize your chances of dealing with hail damage in the future.

1. Inform Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance agent as soon the car gets damaged. If your car is under comprehensive insurance coverage, it will be covered in case of hail damage. Some insurance companies may suggest a particular auto shop where you can take your car for repair, but you should get your car repaired at a shop where you are most comfortable.

2. Repair Your Car Immediately

Soon after your insurance approves your car damage, contact your preferred local auto body shop for repairs. Have the repairs done immediately because the affected areas may start rusting if you take a long time to repair them. You can read customers’ reviews to make sure your vehicle is in trustworthy hands.

3. Look for PDR—Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is the most preferred method for removing dents from a vehicle. It is mainly applicable where the surface paint is still intact and usable on steel and aluminum panels. PDR can also repair door dings, bodyline damage, and even large dents. During the repairing process, the service tech uses particular tools to fix the damaged areas without the need for a repaint job, making your car look line new again for a much less hefty bill.

4. Avoid DIY Methods

Although many people are tempted to go the do-it-yourself route, experts don’t recommend it because you may cause further damage to your vehicle. Therefore, you should consider involving an expert from a reputable company to tackle your repairs.

5. Protect Your Car from Future Hailstorms

In most cases, hailstorms leave your car in bad shape, but you can avoid having to deal with this again by learning how to protect it. You can park your car in a garage, cover it with a specifically designed cover to protect it against hail, or cover it with a thick blanket or rug to minimize the impact of hail stones. Also, avoid parking your car under a tree, and if you find yourself driving during a storm, drive slowly.

Moreover, hailstorms have caused numerous accidents all over the world. You should read preventive steps from a trusted news source to get the most accurate hailstorm predictions to avoid these accidents. You should also make sure your vehicle is insured with coverage that includes hail damage before the next storm hits. That way, you can be better prepared to negotiate with your insurance if your vehicle is damaged by hail again in the future. Always assess the hail damage, and if it’s minor, you can have it fixed at a local shop instead of claiming it from an insurance company.

Repair Hail Damage Today

If a bad hailstorm blows through and you find the telltale signs of hail damage on your car, follow the steps listed above to get your car looking like new. Once your car is good as new again, taking a few additional precautions will help make sure it stays safe next time a hailstorm comes through.