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  1. Hailstorm Clouds: Professional Car Dent Repair in Leander for Hail Damage

    What is Hail? Your Complete Guide

    Many people have heard of hailstorms, which are extreme and sudden showers of ice, but very few know about how hail is actually formed. Hail is a form of precipitation that falls when the rain comes into contact with small pieces of solid, frozen water droplets in the air. The wettest parts of the clouds…

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  2. lots of tiny hailstones sitting on the grass

    How Does Hail Compare to Other Types of Frozen Precipitation?

    Hail is a type of frozen precipitation unique from other forms such as snow and sleet. Hailstones are made up of ice and water and often form during thunderstorms. They can be small or large and can cause property damage or injure people. We will look closely at hailstone formation and how it compares to…

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  3. cars driving in a hailstorm

    The Worst Hailstorms in History

    Hail is a form of precipitation consisting of solid ice particles which look like balls or pellets called hailstones that form inside thunderstorm updrafts. Hailstone sizes range from marble size to that of a softball, depending on how the conditions prevailed. A hailstorm is a strong thunderstorm containing hailstones that fall viciously to the ground…

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