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acorns in a tree ready to fall on an unsuspecting vehicle

Can Acorns Really Dent My Car?

Have you ever parked your car under a tree by accident, or noticed a scratch or a ding on it and wondered how it got there? You probably never imagined an acorn doing such a thing as that to your car. But yes, acorns can do damage to your car. Although the damage isn’t as severe as Hail hitting your car, it can still be just as damaging.

Most individuals do not believe that acorns or nuts can cause damage to their vehicles. Trees can provide shade or shield your vehicle from the elements. However, keep in mind that, in the event of harsh weather, parking your car beneath a tree can pose issues.

Car damage caused by acorns can be difficult and annoying. You can end up with more dents and dings than you can count while dealing with acorns! As a result, it may distract attention from the appearance and lower the value of your car.

You can protect your car from acorn damage by doing the following:

Avoid Parking Under An Oak Tree

An acorn may cause damage to your car, therefore it’s best to park elsewhere. Some people do not consider the possibility of an acorn harming their automobile when they park beneath a tree. It is a common misconception that parking under a tree is protecting it.

Park in a Garage

If you live in an area with a lot of oak trees, a garage is a great option. If parking under them is more difficult than avoiding them, consider using or building a garage.

Use a Carport

This is a more practical and convenient way to defend your car. They don’t take up a lot of room and are a great option if you do not have access to a garage at your residence, especially if you don’t have the financial means to purchase or build a garage. Car ports are much more affordable and versatile.

Use a Car Canopy

Canopies and carports are similar when it comes to their purpose. They’ll both keep your car safe from dents and scratches made by acorns falling from trees. Carports, on the other hand, have a roof panel, whereas they usually construct canopies out of canvas or similar materials.

You can also protect your vehicle in other ways. You can do the following:

  • Invest in a Car Cover
  • Purchase a Car Umbrella
  • Prune your trees or hire someone to prune them

Car Insurance Policies On Covering Acorn Damages

Because Paintless Dent Repair is less expensive, most car insurance policies cover it. Traditional body shop repairs for acorn damage, on the other hand, can be far more costly than you expect. Furthermore, it may consume more of your time than you imagined. Many cars damaged by acorns are great candidates for Paintless Dent Repair because the panels of the vehicle are still structurally sound, and just have cosmetic dents.

Protect Your Car from Acorn Damage

Acorns don’t discriminate when it comes to who’s car they fall on. Even a single ding can be noticeable. They fall out of nowhere and don’t care what kind of vehicle you drive.

All of these suggestions made for protecting your vehicle from acorns will help. However, building or using a garage/carport is more of an ideal way of protecting your car from falling acorns on a more long-term basis. That and keeping your car away from oak trees altogether.